Balanced Wellness Dimensions

Our balanced wellness is our state of physical, mental and spiritual well being. There are eight dimensions in our lives that are key to acheiving balanced wellness

  • Relationships - Relationships provide us the support and encouragement we need to achieve our wellness goals. It ranks as the number one determinant for longevity.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Emotional intelligence is our capacity to recognize our own, and other people's emotions and to use emotional information to guide our thinking and behavior
  • Communication - Impacts our ability to share ideas, express opinions and listen and understand one another.
  • Nutrition - Determines whether our food is helping us or killing us. 
  • Hygiene - Is our most effective defense against disease. Good hygiene includes the prevention of exposure to toxins and the healthiness of our surroundings.  
  • Physical Activity - Exercise is purposeful physical activity that stretches and strengthens our muscles. We need more than exercise, we need active lifestyles that will keep our bodies working, processing nutrients, rebuilding cellular structure and generating energy. An active lifestyle improves body strength and defenses.  
  • Stress Management - Stress is the emotional and physical pressure we feel. Some stresses are positive, motivating and healthy, other forms of stress hurt us physically and mentally and need to be quickly identified and managed.
  • Spirituality - Is our compass, it is our moral instincts and source of inspiration and motivation. It helps us cope and muster strength to overcome life's obstacles. 

Our ability to educate ourselves and develop a deeper understanding of each wellness domain will enable us to develop a roadmap to balanced wellness and the incremental changes we need to improve and mature our wellness and bring it into balance.

The Wellness Wheel