Our mission is to help build health, happy communities.

What is Balanced Wellness?

A sensible approach to a well rounded life based on seven areas of personal development we refer to as "Wellness Domains".

Balanced Wellness is the result of developing and nurturing our wellness lifestyle. These domains are not simply behaviors that exist in isolation. Each of these support the others. Our strengths in some can help us grow in others. For example, our diet matters, but when done with proper exercise and proper rest, it helps us heal and defend ourselves from disease. Our relationships matter, but they benefit us more when we can effectively listen and talk, and support one another. Our spirituality, regardless of religion or philosophy, provides us moral instincts that when developed, benefit those around us and provides inspiration and motivation to constantly improve our lives and those around us. 

How we can help!

The Family Wellness Institute provides individuals, families, communities and organizations with education, coaching and support to achieve balanced wellness. 

  • Our staff leads education sessions for business clients that want to promote employee wellness.
  • We teach the core principles of balanced wellness.
  • We help employees build support groups or teams around them, that will be essential to their successful pursuit of balanced wellness. 
  • We help employees conduct self assessments using our Balanced Wellness Maturity Model.
  • We help employees conduct detailed individual assessments in each wellness domain.
  • We help employees develop roadmaps to wellness, based on a balanced and prioritized set of incremental lifestyle changes designed to achieve wholesome balance and continuous wellness improvement. 
  • We provide weekly sessions for individuals and teams and provide encouragement, support and guidance. 

We are also available to work with schools, public service and health organizations and community and church groups.

The Top 6 Benefits of Wellness

Return on Investment

On average for every dollar spent in wellness, three or more dollars were saved in healthcare cost or returned due to improvements in employee performance according to Harvard Researchers. 

Reduced Absenteeism

Employee attendance improves for company's that sponsor wellness programs

Improve Employee Performance

Overall employee performance has improved for companies that support employee wellness. 

Improve Employee Morale

Employees that are engaged in wellness programs report higher morale than those that do not.

Builds Teamwork

The Balanced Wellness Small Group model connects employees and wellness goals with support and encouragement skills that develops trust, accountability and commitment.

Reduce Turnover

Employees involved in wellness programs are less likely to leave their jobs.

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