Organizational Wellness

What is organizations wellness?

Organizational Wellness is having the right people in the right roles supported by the right people in the right roles and so on and so forth. It is enabling employess to be their very best. Organizational Wellness helps the organization benefit from that basic transformation from what we are to who we are and who we want to become. 

The organizational Wellness Program offered by the Family Wellness Institute is centered on the C.O.R.E. Multidimensional Awareness Profiles (COREMAP) and the Individual Development Plans and Coaching that accompanies it. 

After years of development and thousands of assessments, COREMAP is delivering results that are changing peoples lives and jumpstarting organizational effectiveness and performance. 

Our Organizational Wellness Program provides COREMAP Assessments for all designated employees, a facilitated review of assessment results, and the development of the COREMAP roadmap for personal and organizational performance optimization. 

How to Start

Organizational Wellness begins with knowing your people. COREMAP is one of  the most innovative and revealing profilers in the industry. 

It lets you know who the "Commanders" the "Organizers" the "Relaters" and "Entertainers" are. Individually it identifies areas of strength and weakness, areas where we are reactive and impairing our own performance.