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Dr. Ed Dodge

Dr. Ed Dodge was born in 1936 in Angola, Africa to a missionary family. After attending Ridgewood Hs, Ridgewood N.J., Ed graduated with a BA and a BS from Taylor University in 1958 in Upland Indiana. In 1962, Ed graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine with his Medical Doctorate. Between 1964 and 1966, Ed serviced as a Lt. Commander for the US Public Health Service. Ed earned his Masters of Public Health degree at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in 1967. Ed also serviced as an Asst. Professor of Public Health at Haile Selassie University Public Health College, Gondar, Ethiopia from 1967-69 and as Faculty and a Staff Physician at the Frontier Nursing Service, Hyden, KY from 1970-71. From 1971 through 1974, Ed was the Director of Citrus/Levy County Health Department. For the next twenty-one years, Ed had a Private Family Practice in Inverness, Florida. In addition, from 1994 - 2014, Ed was an Associate Professor at the University of Florida and from 2010 through 2015 he was a Visiting Adjunct Professor of non-communicable diseases, Faculty of Health Sciences, Africa University. Currently Ed is adjunct Faculty at Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio, Texas as well as one of the two principals at The Family Wellness Institute.    Ed is also an authoring, having written "Be Healthy simple guidelines to lifelong wellness" and "Dan's Story, One Man's Discovery of His Inner Health Power".

Dr. John Lovitt

Dr. John Lovitt was born in 1940. After High School, John received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Mississippi College, before attending the University of Southern Mississippi, where he received his Masters Degree in Community Counseling. John received his doctorate in counselor education from Mississippi State University. John spent eleven year with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service, Part of Mississippi State University, teaching in the Graduate School of Counseling. He was also instrumental in developing the MCES Institute on Aging. Dr. Lovitt is also a certified facilitator of the KWU Coaching Clinic, certified facilitator in the Core Map Multi-dimensional Assessment of Personality Temperaments and a certified instructor in the Carkhuff Model of Communication. He has been trained by CoachU and Corporate CoachU in the areas of individual, executive management and team coaching. John is also the author of "who's Listening Anyway?" an Effective Guide to Listening and "Who's Telling the Truth Anyway?" an Effective Guide to Care-Frontation. John is also the owner and president of Lovitt Consulting and provides professional consulting and coaching to individuals, families and corporations.   John's hobbies include writing, reading, singing, tennis, and cycling. Dr. Lovitt is a member of the Heart of Texas Men's A Capella Chorus, Rotary Club Downtown, and the Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. John is married to Alice Ewing, and they have four children and six grandchildren

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