COREMAP helps organizations get the most from their team

What is it ?

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® (CORE MAP) is a  truly multidimensional and integrated approach to  self-assessment, designed to uncover conditioned effects, reveal the authentic person and provide specific feedback for rapid, highly efficient development.

CORE MAP at work

CORE assessments are unequaled in their ability to predict job fit and effectiveness on the job, and as a means for tracking the effect of training and coaching initiatives. Being able to see deeply beneath the surface of what an individual reports provides the ability to know exactly what an individual actually brings to the workplace, not just in the way of natural skills and abilities, but also in the way he/she will act and react in varying circumstances.

How to start ?

Individuals and organizations can request a CORE MAP Assessment, Analysis and coaching sessions from the Family Wellness Institute. Dr. John Lovitt is a certified faciliator and champion of CORE MAP for accelerating organizational effectiveness.