Balanced Wellness is a Heart-Centered Approach to our Well Being

Its more then physical. Our health depends on more than what we eat or how much exercise we get. Our emotional, physical and spiritual lifestyle will determine much about our wellness. 

Our heart is the key to our health

  • The circulatory system is literally the body’s lifeline
  • The heart beats ~100,000 times a day, 24/7 for life
  • It must reach and nourish the body’s 40 trillion cells
  • It also clears waste [CO2 and H2O]from all 40 trillion cells
  • If all vessels are put end-to-end, it’s 60,000 miles long
  • Any plaques or blockages make distal cells vulnerable

Our heart needs other people

  • We all need love
  • We all need support
  • We all need encouragement
  • We all need purpose
  • We all need motivation
  • We all need inspiration